How to Remove Pet Smell from Carpet: The Ultimate Guide

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If you have a pet, then you know how difficult it can be to get the smell of their fur out of your carpet. It is true that pets are a wonderful addition to any family, but they can also be very messy! Take a look at this post to see How to Remove Pet Smell from Carpet. Here’s a step-by-step guide and some helpful tips and tricks. So don’t wait any longer – follow our guide and get that pet smell out of your carpet today!

How to identify the source of the smell?

There are a few ways to identify the source of a smell and remove a pet smell from the carpet. One way is to take a sniff test. If you can identify the specific area that smells, you can target your cleaning efforts there. Another way to determine the source of a smell is to get down on your hands and knees and look for signs of liquid or solid waste. Once you’ve identified the source, it’s time to work on removing the pet smell from the carpet.

The best way to do this seems to be to use an enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleaners break down organic matter, such as pet waste, and help remove the odor.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Pet Smell from Carpet.

Use of Vacuuming to Remove Smell from Carpet.

If you want to remove pet smell from your carpet, one of the best ways to do so is through vacuuming. Vacuuming gets into the hard-to-reach areas where pet hair and waste hide, so it’s great to keep carpets smelling fresh. For vacuuming to work, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, you need to make sure you use a high-quality vacuum cleaner. This is because low-quality vacuum cleaners often have filters that cannot effectively hold allergens and dirt. As a result, they may blow the pet hair and smell around rather than remove it.

Second, you need to move the vacuum in the correct way. When vacuuming, move slowly and in systematic straight line patterns. Make sure the vacuum cleaner gets all carpet areas and doesn’t miss anything.

Finally, be sure to change the vacuum system filters regularly. This is because they can become clogged with dirt and hair over time, reducing the vacuum’s effectiveness. By changing the filters regularly, you’ll keep your carpets smelling fresh and free of pet smells.

By following these tips, vacuuming can effectively remove the pet smell from your carpet. Vacuuming regularly, using a high-quality vacuum cleaner, and changing the filters frequently are essential factors in keeping your carpets smelling fresh. So, if you want to get pet odor out of your carpet, vacuuming might do the trick.

Exposing the Carpet to Sunlight.

Homeowners can take their carpets outside and expose them to sunlight and fresh air in order to remove pet smells. This method works best if enough space is available, but drawing the curtains in rental units can also provide some natural light disinfecting and odor removal. It isn’t a good idea to expose the carpet to too much sunlight, as it will damage the fibers. Exposing the carpet to sunlight for a few hours should remove any pet smells. 

If the smell persists, other methods can be tried:

  • Take the carpet outside and expose it to sunlight and fresh air for a few hours.
  • This method works best if there is enough space available.
  • Do not expose the carpet to sunlight for too long, as it may damage the carpet fibers.
  • If the smell persists after exposure to sunlight, try other methods.

Use of Chemical Cleaners.

When using chemical cleaners to get rid of pet smells from your carpet, wear a face mask so you don’t breathe in the chemicals and keep them away from kids and pets. Chemical cleaners can be effective, but they are only temporary, and the odor may return after the chemicals have dissipated. Enzyme-based cleaners are a better option as they attack the bacteria that cause odors, eliminating the root of the problem. However, enzymatic cleaners are not good at removing stains, so it is advisable to use them with other carpet cleaning methods.

How to Remove Pet Smell from Carpet?

There are a few different ways to remove pet odor from your carpet. Use a commercial pet odor remover like Nature’s Miracle. Another is to make a homemade pet odor eliminator by mixing baking soda and vinegar.

To remove pet smell from the carpet using baking soda and vinegar:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire area where the pet odor is present.
  2. pour vinegar over the baking soda. Baking soda will start fizzing, and that’s what you want.
  3. Let the fizzing continue for about 10 minutes, then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up both the baking soda and the vinegar.
  4. Repeat if necessary.

Can I use carpet spray to get rid of the dog smell?

Yes, you can use carpet spray to get rid of the dog smell. Pet odors can be gotten rid of in many ways. Here are a few methods:

  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. You’ll get rid of dirt and debris that may be attracting pests and causing odors.
  • Spot clean with a vinegar and water solution. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer and cleaner. Sponge vinegar and water onto the affected area. Let dry completely before walking on it.
  • Use an enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleaners work by breaking down the proteins that cause pet smells. Spray the cleaner onto the affected area, and let it sit.

Does baking soda get the dog smell out of the carpet?

Yes, baking soda can help get rid of the Dog smell from your carpet. We recommend sprinkling baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming it. If the smell persists, repeat the process.

Why does the carpet smell like a dog after steam cleaning?

The smell of dogs after steam cleaning is because many dog breeds have a high level of oils in their skin and fur. When these oils come out through steam cleaning, they can cause the carpet to smell like a dog.

If you use a deodorizer after steam cleaning, you can get rid of that unpleasant smell. It’s also important to ensure that the carpets are completely dry after cleaning, as wet carpets will also smell like dogs.

Does vinegar get rid of pet odor on carpet?

It depends on what’s causing the pet odor in the carpet in the first place. If it’s urine, then vinegar may help to neutralize the smell. But if it’s feces or some other kind of organic matter, then vinegar is not likely to be effective. Vinegar may make the problem worse by exacerbating the smell.

The best way to get rid of pet odor in carpets is to clean them with a good quality carpet cleaner. Read the instructions carefully, so you get the most out of your carpet cleaner. Let the carpet dry completely before walking on it or putting furniture back in place.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

Lots of pet owners worry about carpet cleaning and getting rid of pet odors. In short, yes, but it depends on what kind of odor it is and how severe it is.

There are many different pet odors, from urine to vomit to feces. Each one presents a different challenge for removal. Urine, for example, can be tough to remove because it contains ammonia, which can break down carpet fibers over time. On the other hand, Vomit and feces are mostly just smelly and not as likely to cause long-term damage.


Now that you know how to remove pet smell from your carpet, it’s time to get started! Follow our step-by-step guide, and you’ll be able to eradicate that pesky pet odor in no time. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or get help along the way. We’re always here to help! Thanks for reading.

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